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Friday October 19th 2018

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Reality is broken and so are our bodies?

I become very ambivalent when reading Jane McGonigal's Reality Is Broken. She has two main arguments. First, that playing interactive games is good for us as they supply intrinsic rewards that most people cannot attain in real life. That is why reality appears broken to many people. The second argument is that the energy of gamers should not only [...]

Happy Birthday World Wide Web!

The World Wide Web celebrated its 20th birthday a few days ago, August 6 in relative quietude. Despite the fact that these type of "birthdays" usually are big news (so and so many years since Kennedy assassination, moon landing, 9/11 etc.), this was ignored by mainstream media. This is probably due to the start up of the World Wide Web at the [...]

Sony hacked again: Hamlet reflection

To be hacked or not to be hacked, that is the question whether it is nobler in the server to suffer the troyans and backdoors of outrageous cyber criminals or to take arms against a sea of breaching and by opposing end users to die, to reboot no more- and by a system crash to say we end the World Wide Web, and the thousand social media that [...]

The privacy spiral: Will we get over it?

The famous quote by Scott McNealy "you have zero privacy, get over it" is frequently circulated these days. After the recent security breaches at organizations such as Sony, RSA and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Computerworld blogger Jaikumar Vijayan turned this into "you will get breached. Get over it". He argued that the number of security [...]

Lying software and data -hide and -seek

Web applications have become very efficient in sharing the personal information of users. Interestingly enough, this information, for instance attained in generous amount by Facebook third-party application developers and producers of smartphone apps, tend to be very trustworthy. Our computers, our servants, do not lie as much as we humans. The [...]

50 ways to steal your password, part 5

Malware is the most effective means of long-distance password theft. The concept is an umbrella term for all kinds of malicious code. In the old days, computer virus were created as pranks and you knew that you had one, since it in one way or another harmed the computer. Today, computer virus is big business, or rather, big cyber crime business. [...] may be LimeWire in five years

The new social network application has been called Facebook for those with no privacy concerns at all. With you have no privacy settings at all, perhaps doing overtly what Facebook is doing covertly. manages not only to violate privacy conventions/regulations, but also tears a fresh wound into the old and flawed [...]

50 ways to steal your password, part 4

What joy it is to find an open wireless Internet connection when you really need one! However, surfing on an open network can be very costly. Today, unfortunately, the standard recommendation is to avoid them altogether. Basic advice is to either connect with encryption (HTTPS) or VPN -tunnel or both. 16. The point was brought home by freelance [...]

50 ways to steal your password, part 3

It is a curious thing that many programs and features that are developed to increase Internet safety, also can be used to destroy Internet safety. Perhaps the most obvious example of this is programs for packet analyzing a.k.a. packet sniffing. All Internet messages are chopped down into small packets that are reassembled once they reach their [...]

50 ways to steal your password, part 2

In my first post in this series, I focused on the perils of leaving the computer unattended. However, various passwords on the Internet are open and accessible for theft 24/7. In addition, they can be accessed from any place. The most obvious way of doing this is through password cracking. All you need for this is 1) password cracking software and [...]

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