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Friday October 19th 2018

The privacy spiral: Will we get over it?

The famous quote by Scott McNealy “you have zero privacy, get over it” is frequently circulated these days. After the recent security breaches at organizations such as Sony, RSA and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Computerworld blogger Jaikumar Vijayan turned this into “you will get breached. Get over it”. He argued that the number of security vulnerabilities in combination with the wealth of hacking technologies available, made it impossible to avoid getting hacked.

I see this as a spiral and predict that our surrender to hacking technology will be increasingly dramatic. We can expect the following variations of the McNealy quote:

You have zero corporate secrets. Get over it.

You have zero national secrets. Get over it.

You have zero military secrets. Get over it.

You have no ability of safeguarding control over your Internet based military weapons. Get over it.

You have no ability of defending national infrastructure. Get over it.

I have difficulty seeing any strict line from one statement to the other. It is simply a slippery slope. One might ask: are there any limits to what we are forced to get over?

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