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Friday October 19th 2018 may be LimeWire in five years

The new social network application has been called Facebook for those with no privacy concerns at all. With you have no privacy settings at all, perhaps doing overtly what Facebook is doing covertly. manages not only to violate privacy conventions/regulations, but also tears a fresh wound into the old and flawed copyright legislation. With this new social media, it becomes possible to walk down the street with your smart phone on and simply download everything that is on the mobiles of those passing by. Yes, this is sharing, but it is also an updated version of Napster. While these kinds of technologies are being developed, the legal arm of the major recording companies, RIAA, is in the business of suing LimeWire for trillions of dollars. Putting these two developments together, it would seem that the music business are several years, perhaps more than a decade behind their times.

But… Perhaps not. The judge on the LimeWire trial initially noted that this filesharing application was being sued for more money than the whole industry had made since Edison. Maybe they feel that this is the way to make money in the digital age? It seems lucrative enough. So, here’s a tip, allow to grow and flourish and when they have peaked and been replaced by something else, simply sue them for $1 trillion.

Isn’t this a marvelous business idea? And you need not be afraid of the classical problem of attacking your customers. These copygrey businesses are not your customers or even your regular music fans. In this new world, the lawyers are your customers.

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