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Friday October 19th 2018


A few days ago, the US government announced an increase in the research budget on cyber crime with some 30%. Yesterday, UK foreign Secretary William Hague spoke at the 2011 Munich security conference.

He noted that:

-Over 40,000 pieces of sensitive information and financial data are traded on the online black market each day.
-Malware ZEUS has been successful in bypassing the protection system of the UK government.
-The UK defense industry has been deliberately attacked.
-Sophisticated attacks have been made against government staff by official looking e-mail.

Hague notes that the UK government has excellent defenses but that our concept of what it means to be “secure” must adapt in response to evermore increasing sophistication of the attacks.

This remark reminds me of a key argument by the old philosopher of science Karl Popper. He claimed that we can never really reach truth, we can only strive for coming as close as possible. He called this “verisimilitude”. I think this is something similar.

We may have to give up the idea of having a computer that is completely safe, but we can strive for “safetymilitude”.

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