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Friday October 19th 2018

“Two turkeys do not make an eagle”

The convergence between the mobile phone business and the web has created a crisis for long-time market leader Nokia. As the old Symbian system has proved inadequate for the multitasking of smartphones, Nokia has elected to go into a partnership with Microsoft. This has been a controversial move, but seems to make good business sense. Microsoft is a system specialist with a big push toward smart phones. Nokia is a giant in the mobile phone business. So, two real giants collaborating! Is it only maliciousness when Google VP Vic Gundotra tweeted: “two turkeys do not make an eagle”?

It turns out that big business has a long memory and that Gundotra is simply feeding back this same phrase, coined by Anssi Vanjoki, then executive vice president and general manager of Multimedia at Nokia, 5 1/2 years ago.

Still, one wonders, is there actually a problem that these two giants are too similar in basic competence?

Another problem: what now with Nokia’s famous slogan? Would it not be  “connecting people”, but rather “connecting Microsoft”?

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