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Friday October 19th 2018

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The safetymilitude mindset

We are currently in the middle of a gigantic transformation of Internet use. Basically, social media, smart phones and cloud computing trends are egging each other on, opening up Internet use and aggregating information. Sets of information, personal information, professional information and collaborative information are increasingly connected to [...]


A few days ago, the US government announced an increase in the research budget on cyber crime with some 30%. Yesterday, UK foreign Secretary William Hague spoke at the 2011 Munich security conference. He noted that: -Over 40,000 pieces of sensitive information and [...]

“Two turkeys do not make an eagle”

The convergence between the mobile phone business and the web has created a crisis for long-time market leader Nokia. As the old Symbian system has proved inadequate for the multitasking of smartphones, Nokia has elected to go into a partnership with Microsoft. This has been a controversial move, but seems to make good business sense. Microsoft is [...]

On technological fixes

British architect Cedric Price once joked "Technology is the answer, but what was the question?" Today, this is more thought-provoking than funny. The idea that we tend to solve technical problems with more technology, has never been more applicable than with Internet technology. Furthermore, increasingly, we feel that more technology can solve [...]

Municipalities up in the cloud

Swedish municipality Salem recently announced that they were the country's first municipality to place all of their IT services at Google apps. This surprised me greatly, since it is such a dramatic step with extensive and complicated consequences. Did they really know what they were doing? It didn't sound like it based on the public announcement. [...]